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Back & Front-of-the-House Learning Solutions
The Culinary Institute of America

Back & Front-of-the-House Learning Solutions

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Back & Front-of-the-House Learning Solutions is an invaluable resource for restaurant managers who want to train their staff in service, finance, upselling, and hospitality skills.

Treat your guests right, and they'll treat you right! Heighten executive awareness, teach quality service, establish and maintain cost-controls, and create service standards for improved customer satisfaction. Customers will not only come back, but tell others about their memorable experience.

The interaction between your service staff and customers is crucial to the success of your establishment. However, each person who enters your establishment might not be the type of guest you would like to have as a "regular customer."

The Back & Front-of-the-House Training Information Toolkit Series CD-ROM contains the following:

  • The Challenging Guest: How to handle serving rowdy children, dealing with inebriated guests, tips for the service staff when dealing with pets, and more.
  • Front-of-the-House Sanitation: Personal hygiene guidelines, sanitation procedures, and a chart of food-borne illnesses.
  • Wine Service: Wine vocabulary, wine service tips, the steps of opening & pouring, and a tasting chart.
  • Kitchen Calculations: Learn the importance of recipe costing skills, how to identify the factors that might affect yield percentage and he most important elements in budgeting and predicting your finances.
  • Improving Your Bottom Line Through Upselling: The dos and don'ts of upselling, daily pre-service meeting pointers, and troubleshooting guidelines for real world service situations.

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