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Cooking Methods Series Volume 2- Dry Heat: Sauteing, Pan Frying, Deep Frying & Stir Frying
The Culinary Institute of America

Cooking Methods Series Volume 2- Dry Heat: Sauteing, Pan Frying, Deep Frying & Stir Frying

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This popular high-heat cooking method quickly adds flavor to your selections and versatility to your staff and students' skill set. This section will help you:

  • Learn the step-by-step process of sautéing
  • Explore the art of finishing, garnishing, glazing, de-glazing, and plating a sautéed item
  • Discover how to "condition" your pan
  • Prepare classic sautéed recipes—Veal Scallopine Marsala and Trout Meunière


In this section you will explore the basics of pan-frying items ranging from vegetables to meats to poultry and:

  • Get tips on how to apply proper batters to food for frying
  • Learn the standard breading techniques
  • Discover how to properly coat and pan-fry in recipes including, Pan-fried Vegetables and Southern Fried Chicken


Who isn't occasionally seduced by the crisp crunch and savor of fried foods? In this section you will:

  • Study the basics of deep-frying
  • Learn the importance of coating to optimize flavor
  • Maintain cooking fat for the best-tasting fried foods with the least amount of waste
  • Learn how to prepare Tempura Vegetables and Breaded Shrimp
  • Explore methods of safely placing food into hot oil


Gain the competitive edge on mastering this immensely appealing technique and learn how to make it work in your operation.

  • Discover the proper cooking sequencing for stir-fried items
  • Examine the importance of consistency in product size for this cooking method
  • Learn the proper techniques for preparing Stir-fried Scallops

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